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Compassionate Short-Term Care for Seniors

Experience what life is like at LifeWell Senior Living and visit us for a short-term stay today with the help of respite care.

Get complete access to our community’s endless array of remarkable services and amenities, and participate in events and activities that spark your imagination. Even if you’re only visiting us for a short time, respite care ensures your experience with us is magical.

Book your visit today by checking out our communities or contacting the LifeWell Senior Living team.

What Is Respite Care?

Respite care is our short-term lifestyle option designed to give our guests the complete LifeWell experience.

We personalize our guest’s experience to meet each individual need. Guests are also free to enjoy every aspect of their community, including its services, events, and activities—all with the loving support of our compassionate caregiving staff.

How Respite Care Helps

Guests can join our respite care lifestyle for virtually any reason, and we can personalize their experience based on their desired care level.

While respite care is designed to provide short-term support, we still offer the same exceptional quality of life all our residents enjoy. If there is anything we can do to make our guest’s stay with us more comfortable and enjoyable, we’re always ready to help.

Short-Term Recoveries

We provide comprehensive and compassionate support for those recovering from surgeries or injuries.

Life happens, but it shouldn’t affect the quality of care you or your loved one receives.

We can support your family when you need it most by providing leading care services focused on supporting the individual needs of our residents.

Even the best caregivers deserve a break to help prevent burnout.

We pick up where your caregiver left off so they can rest, recharge, and get back to providing quality care.

If you’re interested in what LifeWell Senior Living can offer you or your loved one, respite care provides an excellent opportunity to try our services and see what life can look like as part of our community.

Enjoy the Comforts of LifeWell Senior Living

No matter your reason for visiting us, we’re always happy to have you.

Contact us today to see how respite care can serve you or your loved one.

Why Choose LifeWell?


It’s a simple fact of life—we all do better when we interact with one another, and it comes down to one simple thing: relationships. The kind we create and nurture every day.


Our residents aren’t giving up their interests or those things in life they’re passionate about. Just the opposite. With us, they’re growing those interests, finding new ones, and having fun along the way.


Love: it’s what we do. Our residents have spent their entire lives caring for others. Now, it’s our turn to give back and show them just how much we care.

All Together

When we put it all together—how we connect with each other, grow together, care for, and love one another—we not only have a community, we have something even more special: family.

Your Life, Your Way

Enjoy the life you want to live, no matter your needs. Choose your lifestyle today!

Assisted Living

Our assisted living program provides individualized care to help each resident connect, grow, and love.

Our carefully selected staff are here to help each resident with their daily living activities, providing as much assistance or independence as needed.

Members of our community live a happy life with all of the comforts of home and modern, unobtrusive safety features.

Memory Care

We’ve developed a unique program for memory care called Connections.

This innovative approach uses engaging activities to help seniors rebuild physical strength, sharpen their mental acuity, and connect with their community. Thanks to Connections, our residents enjoy an active and purposeful life.

Respite Care

Whether seniors want to experience a temporary change of pace, recover after surgery or medical issues, or test the waters of senior living, respite care is a great option.

During their stay, LifeWell Senior Living guests enjoy the same services, amenities, and support as our residents, all while benefiting from a relaxing, stress-free environment.


Our Locations

We have locations located across New Mexico and Texas. Find a community near you and embrace a new life today.

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